Coffee Gift Set


Family and friends all love a wonderful gift. Some are coffee lovers, some prefer cocoa or a fizzy beverage. No matter what, this gift will be appreciated and loved by those who receive it.

This includes:
One full size embroidered gift tag that reads, your choice of “Thanks a Latte” or “Love u a Latte”
One antibacterial gel holder, with antibacterial gel – your heart color choice
One large latte snap tab OR coffee cup snap tab
One mini latte snap tab – your color choice
A BONUS $5 gift card to Starbucks or Dunkin is included FREE. (determined by the color you choose)
Packaged in a cute Christmas cup with a sipping lid, brown shred filler, and white shred filler on top to imitate coffee and fill the cup for festive fun.

All for a low price, packaged and shipped to you or to the recipient. You choose from the colors available, coffee cup snap tab or latte snap tab, and wording preference on the tag.