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We are excited to introduce the graphic t-shirt portion of the shop. These will be done in pre-order fashion. What that means for you:

1. Look over the ordering options available and their measurements/sizes/colors, and make your selections.
2. After your order is placed, the t-shirts will be ordered the Friday morning following, and come in the following Tuesday. This step ensures accurate sizes and types of shirts desired are available to you (think limited custom choice of t-shirt),
3. There will potentially be 7-14 business days (business days means – Monday through Friday) between ordering and shipping. This time is used for purchasing shirts, creating shirt image for each shirt, printing or cutting image for each shirt, heat press time, packaging, and shipping. If there is any possibility the steps can go faster, you will receive your order at the earliest possible date.
4. This means the world to our small business that you are ordering from us. What a privilege and honor to serve you!