Personalizing items – yes or no?

I live in the great state of Texas. We are known for being proud, doing things in a large over the top way.
There are some things are are standard practice for many.
Some of those are also greatly exaggerated in a joking manner because – the south and everything is bigger in Texas.  It is so easy to make it out to be grandiose and joke about everything we seem to do; even for us. Yes, we make jokes about ourselves; because most of us try not to take life too seriously.

Cute little Decorated Cloth Diapers

Extra large hair bows are something seen often and everywhere, for any occasion. No not everyone participates of course; but gosh there are a LOT of them.

Monster truck t-shirt, personalized with age

However, personalizing anything and everything is even more common than hair bows. Embroidery, vinyl, sublimation are all methods used to put monograms, names, initials, or some form of identifier on practically everything; including vehicles. You would think it is contagious the way you see it in friend groups – one person, and then the next, then two or three more. However, there are a few who want complete anonymity. No initials or names anywhere on anything. I find it so interesting the stark contrast in choices people make in these decisions.

Pretty Personalized Cloth Diapers

Due to products that are offered in our shop, we wonder – are you interested in personalizing clothing items, accessories, or anything we make available? We enjoy providing items that you want, you need, and you would like to give as gifts. Hearing your input is invaluable to us, and in our small business it is treasured.

Fire truck themed third birthday, personalized with the birthday boy’s name

Please, allow us to hear from you. How do you feel about personalization? Like it on some things, not on others? Prefer to personalize everything or nothing at all?

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3 thoughts on “Personalizing items – yes or no?

  1. Sherri says:

    If you offer I would use it.
    But were those bibs for Penny? Seems like I remember ordering but not sure. I didn’t hear back from you. But I will buy them now.

    • Danielle Boutwell says:

      Thank you for your feedback Sherri!
      The bibs were for another customer. You mentioned them and asked if I did personalized bibs years ago, but that was all. As soon as I can get them on the website, they will be available to order.

      Thanks again for letting me know you like personalization.

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