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A topic discussed far and wide it seems, everyone needs some order in their lives. This can include home, vehicle, electronics, time, or anything.  Every area where we exist can be organized if we want to make it happen.  I personally cannot claim any special organizational education, ability, or talent when it comes to this.  In fact I have noticed just like people, every organization method seems to be unique to each person and situation. Today I am addressing home organization. Every home has unique storage availability and space; how do you maximize that? I can give some thoughts and ideas I have implemented; however the goal is ultimately for you to discover what works best for you, your family, and your space. These are not in any particular order, just things I have learned and implemented.

1. Measure: before making any purchase or changing anything!
This seems like a given. I have to admit I have had an idea and rushed out and purchased what I just knew would work perfectly, to be disappointed in it not fitting the way I imagined. All because I didn’t measure the space or the items planned to place there. Most websites list dimensions of products so you can compare to see what will work and what won’t work before ever having to leave your house or place an order. This will save you loads of time.

2. Research: what will work best for everyone in your home?
You do not want to be the lone user of any organizational system put in place. The plan is to get everyone on board IF POSSIBLE. Sometimes, in some homes, this isn’t achievable at first. There is hope! When they see how easy it is for you, the hope is they will jump on board. Keep it simple, not only for you, but for everyone to be able to contribute and succeed.

3. Know: what will prevent you from utilizing any organizational system?
I cannot stand to stack things. When I am in a hurry putting things away, if I have to move the top three boxes to reach the bottom box – the item will not get put away. That is a system that doesn’t work for me. I have tried this, and it turns into a mess for me personally. I would never say that style does not work, for others it may be the perfect system. Be familiar with your tidying habits, and be honest with yourself about what will actually happen and what will not.

4. Money: misconception that organization is expensive.
You do not have to rush out and buy a bunch of new things to organize your life. WHAT?!? I know, shocking.
Items you have, spaces you have, and at times getting rid of things is more beneficial than purchasing a bunch of new furniture or organizational tools. Quite often we have what we need right in our home. Frequently we have a style that works for us, and due to that we can utilize what we have handy. For example: using built in shelving in the closet for sweater, shorts, or pant storage. Utility closet space can be used for sheets, toilet paper, and toys can be stored in the bottom half in plastic shoe size storage boxes. A pantry can be outfitted with things you already have in your possession. I had half gallon mason jars, and now they are filled with dry goods such as beans, rice, sweeteners, and other things of that nature. I also purchased some gallon sized mason jars years ago for decoration. I washed them out and now they have different types of flours in them. I had some dollar store baskets that were repurposed and now hold baby pouches, bags of crackers, cookies, or loose items that would clutter up the shelves. Often using what you have prevents needless spending, as well as utilizing items that might be cluttering up another area of your home. After reworking areas, this reveals what you will actually need (if anything) to purchase.

I know this is not super specific. My hope is this will help onset a brainstorm resulting in some ideas to help organize your home in a way that works best for you. My photos are not meant to do anything other than be transparent in sharing. Most of the storage containers were purchased at different places, at different times, The spice rack is also in our pantry, it actually has 8 shelves but four were all I could fit into my picture, but I think you get the idea. This isn’t perfection, or a Pinterest worthy post, but these things works for us.

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