Personalizing items – yes or no?

I live in the great state of Texas. We are known for being proud, doing things in a large over the top way. There are some things are are standard practice for many. Some of those are also greatly exaggerated in a joking manner because – the south and everything is bigger in Texas.  It […]

Help in the Storm

Disease coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Virus severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) No matter where you live, this has most likely had an effect on you and your family. The challenge is knowing what information is most accurate. Most of the general population is not trained medically, especially in the biology of the intricacies of viral […]

Organization – Hot Topic

A topic discussed far and wide it seems, everyone needs some order in their lives. This can include home, vehicle, electronics, time, or anything.  Every area where we exist can be organized if we want to make it happen.  I personally cannot claim any special organizational education, ability, or talent when it comes to this.  […]

We welcome you to Gentle Grace Journey

Proudly introducing the Gentle Grace Boutique website and Gentle Grace Journey blog; developed to create a central location for all of Gentle Grace activities. Giving you an excellent avenue of communication, training, design stories, new releases, products, sales and so much more.  We are incredibly thankful to each and every one of you; our family, […]